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Edcon Executive Changes

18 July 2016

Johannesburg, 18 July 2016: As Edcon advances discussions and negotiations toward the resolution of its overall debt position and the long-term sustainability of the company, it has today announced changes to its executive and senior management.
Edcon CEO Bernie Brookes commented, “As we move toward the final step in terms of the resolution of our indebtedness, which will dramatically change our capital structure, a new executive and management team has been positioned to continue the task of a meaningful turnaround of the business. This is a multi-year project requiring committed, motivated and a long-term contracted senior team. I am confident that this team has the necessary local and international experience to steer Edcon into its next phase of growth and allow us all, once again, to focus on our core business of retail”.

Download: changestoexecutivemanagement_copy1.pdf

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