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Retailers establish a new body to promote economic growth, job creation and transformation in the industry

03 November 2006

Some of the country's largest retailers - Edcon, Truworths, Woolworths, Queen's Park and Mr Price - announced today that they have formed the National Clothing Retail Federation of South Africa (NCRF). 

The aim of the newly established federation is to promote interaction among retailers, conduct research for the industry and to strengthen relationships with government, consumer bodies and labour organisations.

The Federation also aims to work together on ensuring that the local retail clothing industry continue to further build on the economic benefits to the society at large through its focus on transformation and the creation of jobs.

Promoting the Federation's interests is to in no way compromise the principle of competition and the competitive spirit amongst retailers.

The initial leadership prior to elections among current and any new members early in the new year will be as follows:

Acting Chairman - Steve Ross, CEO Edcon
Acting Vice Chairman - Michael Mark, CEO Truworths
Acting Executive Director - Michael Lawrence, MD M&M Consulting (an independent consultancy to the retail sector)
Acting Secretary - Chris Durham, Company secretary Truworths
Acting Treasurer - Cherrie Louw. Company secretary, Woolworths

Steve Ross said: "Retail in South Africa is one of the fastest growing employment sectors, employing many thousands of employees, while contributing billions of rands of wealth to the economy in the form of payroll, taxes and dividends. It is important for this growth industry to have one voice to speak effectively and constructively to all stakeholders, and in particular to government."

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