Working at Edcon

Working at Edcon

At EDCON, we have a very simply goal, “let’s make our customers happy”. We all about customer service, and how we can best serve our customers’ needs and desires.

Our business employs over 14 000 permanent employees and a further 25 000 temporary staff who consider us the best retail company to work for. Our culture is driven by the following imperatives:

  • a constructive leadership style;
  • an aspiration to remain an Employer of Choice,
  • a critical focus on attracting and retaining employees from designated groups;
  • incentivised customer-focused employees;
  • a sustainable high performance environment;
  • An intertwining organisational growth with individual growth; and life-long learning.

The culture of Edcon creates favourable conditions for effective employment equity implementation.

At Edcon we recognise that the sustainability of our success lies in our people. Edcon is committed to attracting the right people for our business. We offer competitive remuneration packages and recognition schemes to ensure that we make the right investment in our employee’s career at Edcon. Once on-board, we pride ourselves in providing our employees with an integrated learning experience to both unleash their full potential and build their capacity to meet current and future business requirements.

These are but a few reasons why Edcon is not only the largest retailer in Southern Africa, but also an Employer of Choice.