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Retail Divisions

Retail Divisions


Edgars   The leading retailer of clothing, footwear, textiles, cosmetics, accessories and cellular products in Southern Africa, with a wide assortment for everyone including local and international brands, as well as Edgars private label brands.
  • 186 stores
  • Average size 3 450sqm
  • LSM 6-10, all ages

Visit edgars.co.za for more.


Red Square

Red Square   Speciality store with the widest range of national and international beauty, fragrance, cosmetics and skincare brands.
  • 39 stores
  • Average size 150 sqm
  • LSM 5-10

Visit redsquare.co.za for more.



boardmans   Boardmans aims to provide the most complete home - living solution in the shopping mall, focusing on bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and home décor ranges for the discerning buyer.
  • 34 stores
  • Average size 1179sqm
  • LSM 7-10

Visit boardmans.co.za for more.


Edgars active

Edgars active   Speciality store based on youthful lifestyle and brand conscious customers offering a selection of active and lifestyle clothing, footwear, accessories and cellular products across a wide range of aspirational, but affordable international brands.
  • 137 stores
  • Average size 408 sqm
  • LSM 4-7

Visit edgarsactive.co.za for more.



Topshop   Edcon brings iconic international brands through exclusive licences to the South African customer.  These brands are found in Mono-branded stores and/or select Edgars stores around the country.
  • TopshopTopman
  • Tom Tailor
  • Dune London
  • T.M. Lewin
  • Lipsy
  • Lucky Brand
  • Mac



Jet is a discount CFTA format selling fashion as well as cellular products to the entire family.

  • 347 stores across Southern Africa
  • Average size 919sqm
  • LSM 4-7

Visit JetOnline.co.za for more.


Jet Mart

Jet Mart  

JetMart is a discount general merchandise format anchored in the Jet range, but expanded to include home, DIY, appliances and beauty products.

  • 123 stores
  • Average size 1871sqm
  • LSM 4-7

Visit jetmart.co.za for more.




Legit is an edgy fashion store format selling clothing, footwear and accessories for the trendy aspirational young woman.

  • 186 stores
  • Average size 268sqm
  • LSM 5-8

Visit legit.co.za for more.




CNA is the leading retailer of reading, writing, listening, learning and communication consumables to middle and upper income families in Southern Africa. CNA is also expanding its range of everyday hi-tech electronics and mobile products.

  • 195 stores
  • LSM 7-10

Visit cna.co.za for more.